Wonderful Tunisia

In North Africa, there is a country, which since ancient times have aroused the interest of the rich Romans and Phoenicians, but recently acquired the status of a nice resort.

The mentality of the country defined its stay in the status of the French colony. Here like to spend the tourists from Europe. Today, Tunisia – a popular tourist resort, which allows you to combine a European level of service and oriental exoticism. In Tunisia, a surprisingly mild climate, which allows you to spend the rest varied and fun. Tunisia will allow you to explore its ancient monuments – the ruins of Carthage and caves dug in the south of the country many centuries ago, in which people live today. But, above all, stay in Tunisia – a beautiful sea beaches, clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the golden sand beaches, the beauty and the beauty of the local landscapes. All that will allow you to relax and get pleasure.

To meet the requests of all the tourists in Tunisia is well developed infrastructure of resort business.

You will be offered thalassotherapy – wrap with seaweed, the effectiveness of which you can feel immediately after the first treatment. Diving, surfing, snorkeling – whatever you wish, with a high professional level. It pays special attention to the safety of tourists. Want to take part in the search of underwater treasure on sunken ships? Please get involved and get lucky. For the enjoyment of underwater fishing will not be left without attention. You can fly in a balloon or hang-glider and enjoy the beauty of Tunisia with height.
Holidays in Tunisia and suggests treatment in the famous thermal springs of the country. The healing quality of sources in Ain Draham and Hammam Bourguiba complemented by the services of well-trained medical staff, as well as nature reserves and gardens, cozy caf├ęs and restaurants.

For those wishing to see the majestic Sahara Desert, there are proposals to ride on dromedaries dromedary or modern jeep. These tours need to make the notification Tunisian militia – the National Guard, because a visit to the desert – it is not a walk in a nearby shop. Desert is treacherous and fraught with dangers that can be avoided with the help of an experienced guide.

Do not forget to visit the famous Tunisian bazaars. The coloring of the East, who miraculously survived since ancient times, of course, will not let you leave empty handed with the Tunisian market. Berber carpets are handmade – symbol of Tunisia. Soft and delicate, characterized by a unique charm, rugs will remind you that the holiday in Tunisia – conducted by well-off and, oddly enough, will remind you of the sea beach resorts of Tunisia.