Ways to deal with stress

If you do not regularly vysypayetesya often nervous, posŃ‹paetes morning with a feeling of fatigue – it means that you have accumulated great stress. It is important to get rid of it, to have the body was not working for wear. There are many methods to deal with stress, and among them you will surely find the ones that you like fall.
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Psychology recommends spoblychchya deal with stress that can be used regularly, because it lies in the regularity of their effectiveness.

Take a break. If you work hard you overload, get off the habit on the phone all weekend.

Drink vitamins. Complex drug twice a year – a mandatory rule for those who are often exposed to stress.

Eat foods that elevate mood. This is unusual, but effective method of dealing with stress. Some foods contain substances that contribute to the development of serotonin, a limo Madison or joy. In their list included: dark chocolate, bananas, nuts and citrus.

Aromatherapy. This unique method of dealing with stress – one helps jasmine oil, the other – lavender, third – cypress. Find your option and use aroma lamp every night before bed.

Talk heart to heart. This method of dealing with stress available to almost everyone, and even if relatives are not around, you can always discuss the problem over the phone or write about it online. It helps ease life, free from suffering and experience inner freedom.

Take sports. Those who attend fitness club 2-3 times a week, much less stressed than those who neglect sports. It relieves muscular work mental fatigue.
Do not forget that the most effective way to deal with stress – a habit of looking at life with humor and not worry about trifles. If that will not bother you after 5 years, it is about her, too, can not survive.