Travelling Venice

And why, I wonder, is not on the bus, tram or car? And all because that in this amazing European city passengers from the local community and numerous groups of tourists are transported exclusively river buses. You can certainly use and river taxi, but the trip it will cost several times more expensive! Preference is better to give a historical mode of transport – boat multimeter black. It is called the gondola, and serves mostly foreign tourists. While walking on it, you can enjoy not only the many attractions of the city, but also sail along the winding and even the narrow streets, to see the bridges that seem to just hover in the air. One only can guess the name of the boat that we are talking about Venice.

Yes, in this city there are plenty of water quite unusual tourist itineraries that include visits to art galleries and historic museums. But often it is not necessary to come to Venice. Travelers beckon boat trips along the famous Grand Canal, because it is on its banks are located world-famous castles, churches, as well as residential buildings, which today are not only historical, but also a cultural value. Masterpieces of architecture were built entirely on wooden stilts multimeter. Wood for these purposes imported from Russia.

And what is still to do the tourists who have already arrived in the city on cars channels? Worried because this is not necessary, because in Venice there are special parking-island, where every motorist can safely leave under heavy guard your car.
City remembers the heyday of the Roman Empire. It so happened that the inhabitants of the northern provinces it settled on many islands of the Adriatic Sea to escape the raids of the barbarians. The name of Venice received thanks to the ancient tribe of Veneti. Its representatives have lived here long before the Roman legions came to this earth.

Today, Venice can without exaggeration be called if not a cultural capital, it is certainly the cultural Mecca of the whole of Europe. The famous exhibition of works of modern (and ancient) art, as well as the Venetian Carnival held and will be held only here. Great actors, filmmakers, eminent representatives of show business in the days of the festival come here from all over the world. The city at that time simply did not know: he is transformed, he lives in some strange and lively rhythm. Best time for a trip to the Italian city, and not be found. But we must understand that prices in the days of the festival only noticeable creep up.