The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole

Blue compass needle always points north, so if you go in the opposite direction for a long time until the arrow will not show straight up, get back to where the southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole.
This was not so in our planet, there are several South Pole.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
The word “pole” refers to the marginal marginal, extreme point of any surface or do something, and the diametrical opposite – in this case a fresh concept in our world there are only two poles, more or less is, perhaps, worlds with different notions of space.

On our planet there are geographic poles – north and south (the southernmost point of the planet), which are located where the planet’s axis of rotation intersects its surface at two points. As any extremes, the poles of several unprofitable, these points with geographic coordinates are latitude only, respectively, at the poles no time zones – choose any.
And their own, special poles are in the cold and inaccessibility, and even their name is uncomfortable.
Magnetic poles
In the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the planet’s core, consisting of molten rock, including metal. Like any electromagnetic radiation, it has the power lines that show the direction of the radiation. These lines are forced to deviate compass that always located along those lines, strictly in one direction. The points of convergence of these lines are called magnetic poles – north and south, and they are not the same drift and geographical. They are not opposites, ie the magnetic axis of the Earth, which connects the magnetic poles, which passes through the center of the world.

The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
Incidentally, the south magnetic pole attracts the south pole of the compass, and since opposite charges attract, it is correct to call the North.
Geographical location
The point on the earth’s surface that has coordinates 9000 ’00’ south latitude – South Pole – the southernmost point of the planet. Poles got the most stringent in the climatic zone of the planet. North is the ice of the Arctic Ocean, is among the ocean, located between huge areas of land . South – to Antarctica, that solid plot, bordered on all sides by oceans.
At the poles, the sun rises every year, reaching the highest point in six months sits on the horizon. In Antarctica day begins 22 September, lasts 178 days and ends in March.
Despite the “hot” name, the South Pole – the extreme southern point of the world – one of the living conditions эkstremalneyshyh places. It is located on the continent, covered with a thick layer of ice and sunbathe there is problematic – the climate at the South Pole is colder than the North. It turns out that it is far from the coast and the ocean – a natural teploakumulyator. Its location is on a hill, and liquid sunlight reaching the surface appear white snow.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole Near the pole, the station Amundsen Scott (USA) temperature -828 noted that only 7 warmer record low registered in the Russian station “Vostok”, located on the continent.

Conquest of the South Pole
After the American Peary Arctic expedition, when in 1909 opened the North Pole, the main purpose of pioneers became the southernmost point of the planet. The history of the conquest of the South Pole was one of the last pages of the world history of geographical discoveries, and one of the most dramatic.
In the race involved two teams: Norwegian led by the legendary polar explorer Amundsen and British Rualdom under the command of Robert Scott. Later in England spread a description of these expeditions, designed to trifles, devoid of the slightest risk of cold command, sensible Norwegian romantic and heroic impulse-Englishman. Amundsen particularly charged that fifty huskies, which moved his team, as we move to pole became a source of food for dogs and people.

January 17, 1912 Norwegians reached the pole, ahead of Scott month. The southernmost point of the world was on the base at a distance of 1300 km, Amundsen reached the Pole, two months after the expedition safely returned, spending way less than 10 days. 5 people under the command of Scott with great difficulty got to the goal there found that Amundsen beat them. They were found dead from exhaustion just six months.
The current state
In Antarctica, no territorial division is limited to research activities carried out under international treaty. The South Pole is an American research station named after the discoverers – Amundsen and Scott, about her ritual equipped place for photography – the southernmost point of the planet. It is a special sign on a stand surrounded by flags of countries participating in the development of Antarctica.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
Each year the mark due to the shift of the ice shell on the southern continents deviates from zero longitude of ten meters, and it has to move. Fortunately, every time the southernmost point of land called without the effort that has been spent heroes of science in the early XX century. Now the pole is a webcam, and a visit is included in the list of tourist destinations.