The beauty of Croatia

To say that Croatia is remarkable, to say nothing. Croatia – is an amazing piece of paradise, filled with an abundance of bright colors of landscapes, with the further south, the more these fantastic landscapes.

Croatia has always lived at the expense of tourism, there is nowhere you can not see a single industrial plant, and only the crystal clear sea and the air filled with the aroma of herbs.

Especially interesting to the Adriatic coast in the Central Dalmatia, located between the mountain range and the sea. This coast is extremely beautiful: on it you can see the small beaches located between the rocks, bright turquoise water and a myriad of colors. The sea in this part of Croatia is considered to be the purest in Europe, for good reason there live sea urchins – the harbingers of ecological well-being.

Wide beautiful sandy beaches can boast place Tučepi, located near the resort of Makarska. Hotels located on Tučepi, are located near the sea, surrounded by huge pines. In Tucepi like to relax tourists who prefer peace and quiet.

A unique jewel of Croatia is unsurpassed beauty of Makarska Riviera, located among the cities of Dubrovnik and Split, which are the main attractions of the country and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Split became famous because of the palace of the emperor Diocletian, medieval buildings, ancient narrow streets and an unusually wide area. His survey will take only one day.

But the city of Dubrovnik deserves special attention. It is called the pearl of the Adriatic due to the presence of the most popular attractions of Croatia. In it you can see the magnificent Cathedral with lots of medieval sculptures, the Franciscan Monastery, which houses a pharmacy, storing books on alchemy, great, great beauty Onofrio Fountain, permanently leaving the impression among many tourists.