Syndrome victims

Syndrome victim always has roots in childhood and often not understood by man. He quickly reconciled to the fact that he was unlucky in everything fired, betray friends, favorite cast. However, it is important to be able to face it, just acknowledging that you – the victim syndrome, you will be able to overcome.
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These people can be, and among women and men. At first glance, they are good, people are quite positive, but in reality they were not lucky: zvalyuyuchy colleagues they all work, friends and just do what they ask for “services”, the authorities did not appreciate the hard work. In addition, these people dull, try not to stand out from the crowd, speaking softly, easily yield in disputes restrained gesture, even if the conflict occurred not with them outside prefer to apologize.
People feel this inability to fend for themselves and are beginning to use it. Victim syndrome limo service in Madison in relationships with colleagues and friends, with your loved one.
The reasons usually lie in childhood: a “nedolyubleni children” who lacked parental attention that have always been the second man after the brother or sister who used that wealth gets them less than anyone. They see a child to his attitude as a second-class person because of what they are born beliefs: “I – a man of second grade, I am not worthy to be desired.” Whatever the belief, life will always give you a confirmation and, in this case the person refuses to unconsciously kind and sensitive people and turning surrounded by those willing to use it.
How to get rid of the victim syndrome?

To win Syndrome victims, need help therapist. But if you are seriously tired of this state of affairs, will gather in a fist and try to do the same:

Pay attention to their successes, write them in a notebook.

Pay attention to your positive traits and record them.

Every day, tell yourself: “I have a wonderful man, worthy of all good things, and my opinion should be considered.”

Do not do anything what you want – but help not borrowed.

Avoid negative thoughts about yourself, pay attention to what you do well.
Control your thinking 15-20 days, and it will enter the habit. Gradually you change the type of behavior, and you will never be a victim. This information is not enough to read, you need to practice every day. If you can not deal with it yourself. Consult your therapist.