NASA has shown a unique picture of the Milky Way

The picture shows the radiation of young hot stars, generating a cloud of gas.

NASA announced on its website a unique picture of the Milky Way galaxy, composed of photographs taken by different space observatories. The picture shows the radiation of young hot stars, generating a cloud of cold gas.

It is reported that the picture was taken by arranging the X-ray images taken by different observatories. This purple color Chandra Observatory captured and ROSAT, and orange – Spitzer telescope.

As for blue, this optical data UKIRT Infrared Telescope.

NASA notes that the picture shows the area named by scientists as NGC 6357. It is located at a distance of about 5500 light years from Earth.

This region is called a “cluster of clusters”, since it has several groups of young, bright and massive stars. The word “cluster” experts indicate accumulation of heavenly bodies.

1. The Royal Tower
Royal Tower, exceeding the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates by 167 meters, is being built in Saudi Arabia and will be the first building in the world, whose height is nearing kilometers.

In the project for $ 1.2 billion, which is located in Jeddah, will house luxury condominiums, office space, observatory, hotel «Four Seasons» and the world’s highest terrace on the 157th floor (rather more Far from the top of the building, by the way). The construction of the skyscraper was officially launched last year, and the building should be completed in 2019, the year.

2. Shanghai Tower
Construction of the 121-story Shanghai Tower in China, worth $ 4.2 billion, started in 1993, the year ended at the beginning of this year, and now are finishing work. Now it is the second tallest building in the world, but the official opening will be in 2015, the year.

Nevertheless, millions of people have seen a picture that opens from the top, thanks to the vertiginous images and video made by two Russian daredevils illegally climb to the summit last year, and became viral on the Internet.

Multifunctional skyscraper consists of nine different vertical zones and is surrounded by a layer of transparent glass cover to protect against weather conditions and natural ventilation.
3. Dubai Pearl
In the design of artificial islands in the shape of parts of the world’s largest shopping center, known to man, and, of course, the tallest building in the world, someone decided that Dubai should be an iconic building, similar to a conventional house, sinister legs apart.

Construction of 73-storey Dubai Pearl with views of the Persian Gulf started in the year 2009 and should be completed in 2016. The planned “inner city” will be four towers, connected by a bridge of heaven, and premium theater for 1,800 seats, which will be the Dubai International Film Festival.

4. Agora Garden
Already in 2016, the Agora Garden in Taipei, the building in the form of a double helix, will be a compromise between the creations of Mother Nature and man. A tortuous 20-story luxury building will be green in every sense of the word: balconies on each floor will maintain the gardens, as well as provide embedded support systems, including solar panels and rainwater recycling.

5. World One
When construction is completed next year, 117-storey World One skyscraper will be the tallest residential house on the planet and, of course, the tallest building in Mumbai, almost twice the 61-storey Imperial Tower, now having the last title.

World One will be home to some of the wealthiest residents of Mumbai and will include 300 luxury three- and four-room apartments (cost starts at $ 1.5 million) with the design of the studio «Armani / Casa» Giorgio Armani. Funny, but World One can not long retain the title of the tallest building in Mumbai, India’s under construction since the tower will have 126 floors.
6. Center for study and research of oil King Abdullah (KARSARC)
Located closest of all this list to the ground, but no less magnificent KARSARC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is more like a villain lair of stories about James Bond than a multinational non-profit center.

Crystal-futuristic design – the brainchild of the iconic architect of Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid, who took as a basis for design of interlocking hexagonal cells. Construction of the project began in the year 2009, and only the steel frame was completed at the moment, so it is not yet clear when the object is opened.

7. Zhongnan center in Suzhou
Only recently in Suzhou, China, 730-meter 138-storey center construction began, and it there is still a long, a very long way. But if you pointed a project worth $ 4.5 billion will be completed on schedule in 2020, the year it will be the tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world.

Tower hotel, offices and residential premises will be located with a nearly completed 69-storey skyscraper East Gate, which, as noted repeatedly, like a great pair of pants.

8. Lotte World Tower
Significantly higher than all other buildings in Seoul, South Korea, the skyline soar 556-meter 123-storey skyscraper Lotte World Tower, when it will be completed in 2016, the year.