Manic syndrome

Many people are first confronted with bipolar disorder in their own skin, very pleased that happening. During the manic syndrome person experiences euphoria, increased efficiency, creativity influx observed even in the most rationalized accountants patient feels powerful, talented, divine. But a state of euphoria can not last indefinitely.
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Manic Syndrome as depression and lighter form – hypomanyya are signs oblychchyastosti phases of bipolar disorder. It is not necessary that after the mania the next day must come a phase of depression. Signs of manic syndrome can manifest weeks, months, years, and only then comes the depression.
Patients initially difficult to understand what is wrong with their condition, because it suits them much more than the former “sober” life. However, the rise of limo Madison ideas that are born in the head, one after another with unprecedented speed, leading to the fact that people just do not have time on its head, becomes forgetful, for one thing throws a new, and here begins irritation. The patient is angry that despite his “genius” does not work, aggression scandals mixed with bouts of unhealthy laughter. At this point, the possible fight in the street, statements and intervention in life absolutely strangers. It was at this time and most patients come to the hospital, and those who are not lucky the police.
If you find yourself in even a couple of manic symptoms syndrome that became your steady state during the week, the month, you should immediately contact your doctor:

strong emotional recovery, prolonged attack of optimism, cheerfulness without apparent reason;

reduced need for sleep;

increased talkativeness and sexual desire;

grand assembly “Napoleonic” plans;

Jump ideas;

high self-esteem;

sudden changes of optimism in irritability;


desire to quit work;

restless and unreasonable waste.
The causes of the symptoms of manic syndrome – a surge of hormones, which caused a brain sick.
Doctors still can not understand what pushes your brain to the disease. The symptoms of manic delusional syndrome often can be detected as early as infancy, but the first serious and even terrible attacks often occur at age 20, when a man feels the already-powerful, not afraid of death and believe in his immortality.

Treatment of manic syndrome lasts a lifetime, so there is no way that could once and for all rid the patient of this disease. In the manic syndrome doctors prescribe antipsychotics, which relieve irritability, hostility, increased activity.
Also welcome are practicing so-called mood stabilizers. They help prevent mood swings, which can be very dangerous and even lead to suicide. These are given for a year or more parallel patient should periodically
Manic Syndrome donate blood.
If it is a manic syndrome, the most severe need hospitalization. At this stage the patient is a too high risk and a danger to themselves and to society. In the hospital often used electroconvulsive therapy.
However, any means is better than living with constantly increasing obsessive syndrome without treatment. The most terrible and difficult for the patient is that his brain is in a state of exhaustion, a person feels that he is broken head of restless thoughts, which he was not happy and wanted to stop now, but, unfortunately, can not.