Hyperactivity syndrome

Hyperactivity term we used to apply exclusively to children – fidget worst student, bully, quitter and ham. Their families console themselves with the fact that this was the age varmint and they grow all by itself will take place. However, scientists discovered the terrible truth – hyperactivity syndrome moves from childhood into adulthood with 50% probability. That is, every other varmint-student grows in large varmint, always late, and nothing zab vayuscheho uspevayuscheho.
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In fact, hyperactivity syndrome in adults – a disease. Moreover, the disease mainly transmitted from generation to generation. While on the other hand, such oblychchyastist – is always a leader, creative people and enthusiasts. He was nothing to raise the legs all the staff and encourage a common good business. Incidentally, Einstein and Bill Gates in his childhood limo Madison¬†also “shalopayamy.”
There is one downside to the motor hyperactivity syndrome – a rapid loss of interest in the case started. These people usually come all at once, with a horrible, enviable enthusiasm. However, at any point, hyperactive man comes up with the idea that perhaps it did not work, and he immediately goes to the new activity.
Hyperactive always late to work, forget about appointments and significant dates (oh and it’s hard to be the wife as “urchins”!), Forget, turned off the lights, water, gas, and, in general, shut the door.
As for the mood, it is in a man too hyperactive, constant jumps from depressive mood to emotional recovery, loss of interest in life and sudden outburst of enthusiasm. It is very difficult to follow and predict his next move.
The emotional component increases the risk of divorce in families with hyperactive people twice. As for work, then, naturally, they change it more often than others.
Since people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are taken all at once,
Hyperactivity syndrome did not fully prove and never make it in time, they have a reduced self-esteem. So people have a self-criticism, and all their faults they blame himself.

In addition, in patients with ADHD much more likely to have health problems, alcohol, random pregnancy accident. Therefore, treatment of hyperactivity syndrome should begin at the slightest doubt. You can try to understand themselves – rewound organizer, write, plan, draw graphics. However, you might as well forget can look into the organizer, forget the record or forget that recorded. It is best to turn to a psychologist who for some training can help you calm down. Also, often when such issues prescribed sedatives, turn to neurologists. You can also find more than a hobby for discharging active and strong emotional outbursts.