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Hyperactivity syndrome

Hyperactivity term we used to apply exclusively to children – fidget worst student, bully, quitter and ham. Their families console themselves with the fact that this was the age varmint and they grow all by itself will take place. However, scientists discovered the terrible truth – hyperactivity syndrome moves from childhood into adulthood with 50% probability. That is, every other varmint-student grows in large varmint, always late, and nothing zab vayuscheho uspevayuscheho.
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In fact, hyperactivity syndrome in adults – a disease. Moreover, the disease mainly transmitted from generation to generation. While on the other hand, such oblychchyastist – is always a leader, creative people and enthusiasts. He was nothing to raise the legs all the staff and encourage a common good business. Incidentally, Einstein and Bill Gates in his childhood limo Madison¬†also “shalopayamy.”
There is one downside to the motor hyperactivity syndrome – a rapid loss of interest in the case started. These people usually come all at once, with a horrible, enviable enthusiasm. However, at any point, hyperactive man comes up with the idea that perhaps it did not work, and he immediately goes to the new activity.
Hyperactive always late to work, forget about appointments and significant dates (oh and it’s hard to be the wife as “urchins”!), Forget, turned off the lights, water, gas, and, in general, shut the door.
As for the mood, it is in a man too hyperactive, constant jumps from depressive mood to emotional recovery, loss of interest in life and sudden outburst of enthusiasm. It is very difficult to follow and predict his next move.
The emotional component increases the risk of divorce in families with hyperactive people twice. As for work, then, naturally, they change it more often than others.
Since people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are taken all at once,
Hyperactivity syndrome did not fully prove and never make it in time, they have a reduced self-esteem. So people have a self-criticism, and all their faults they blame himself.

In addition, in patients with ADHD much more likely to have health problems, alcohol, random pregnancy accident. Therefore, treatment of hyperactivity syndrome should begin at the slightest doubt. You can try to understand themselves – rewound organizer, write, plan, draw graphics. However, you might as well forget can look into the organizer, forget the record or forget that recorded. It is best to turn to a psychologist who for some training can help you calm down. Also, often when such issues prescribed sedatives, turn to neurologists. You can also find more than a hobby for discharging active and strong emotional outbursts.

Hatred of the people

Hate as a very natural phenomenon, able to experience each as the surrounding world, to people and to self-confidence. And often it manifests itself, depending on how satisfied or not oblychchyastist his life, accomplishments, his limo Madison as a whole.
It is important to note that each of us in this sense is able to extract benefit, as odd as it may sound. It all depends on how skillfully you drive there was hatred. On this and other talk a little lower.
Reasons to hate people

The lack of love for people, psychologists explain how oblychchyastosti result of attempts to remove the obstacle in the form of the same hateful man who keeps you achieve the desired on your life path. Computer Repair in Madison Depending on factors “podlyvayuschyh oil to the fire,” this feeling grows, blocking humane of reason to ignore the annoying behavior you hated person.
Hatred towards people of a certain type may be based on old grievances. So, if ever a child someone you deeply wounded, leaving after years of painful scar in your inner world, in the present, faced with oblychchyastistyu associated in your mind with the ancient abuser, you are able to feel hatred.
Signs of hatred for man

When you see the object of his hatred unconsciously may feel towards him as follows:

feeling that all boiling inside, and a couple of seconds and you spill to face the hated object of all that think about it;



craving whatever it was way to humiliate him hurt. not break off option in extreme cases – death.

disgust, the desire to get rid of the hated environment;

contempt, desire to crush a man;

apathy, indifference towards oblychchyastosti – it’s the same feeling, but depressed.

Hatred of the people – a disease?
Hatred is always a comfortable place in the subconscious of man. If sooner or later do not house their own inner world, this feeling is able to destroy you. As a result, it leads to serious diseases. First of all, hatred leaves its mark on the health of your eyes and head, migraine, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, skin disease, epilepsy and it is not the whole list of diseases caused by it hateful feelings towards, as a person, and to the world at large.
A person who tests hatred of people seeking their own morality, decency pick over all. Importantly, the nature of his illness depends on what exactly this feeling is directed.
How to overcome the hatred of man?

By asking yourself the question “How to overcome hatred person?”, You have become the right path, because spoblychchya look out of self-destructive situation. Therefore, most main is to determine the cause of the very hatred. It makes no sense to leave the problem unsolved. It is important to devote a little
Hatred of the people on time consideration factors that are contributing to this negative feeling. It is advisable to write the answer on a piece of paper. It should return a couple of days. So you will be able to look through different eyes to the situation.
Help overcome hatred positive emotions, thoughts. Learn how to monitor what is going on in your head during the day.
Finally, remove the hatred immediate benefit. Do you not like a certain type of people? Then write down exactly what you they do not like and promise yourself that you will not be so oblychchyastistyu. This lesson can be regarded as a period of self-improvement, improve their skills, which is allegedly not in those who hated you so.

Bipolar mental disorder

Early was a popular term manic-depressive syndrome but now in clinical practice the disease received more accurate name – bipolar mental disorder. It is the sudden change in mood – from depression to mania greatness, and in between these ups and downs person may well feel fine.
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Depending on the phase of bipolar disorder symptoms can vary significantly. For example, the manic phase of bipolar disorder characterized by the following stages:

Hypomanyakalnaya stage: cheerfulness, good mood, rapid speech, a short sleep.

Stage severe mania: increase of symptoms, outbursts of anger, desire to joke and laugh, limo service in Madison, delusions of grandeur, inability to dialogue, sleep 4 hours a day.

Stage manic frenzy: Maximum severity of symptoms, sudden movements, it is transformed into a set of slogans.

Phase motor calming, language stimulation and reduced physical activity.

Reactive stage, symptoms return to normal.

Depressive phase differs radically from manic. In it, experts distinguish four stages:

The initial stage, mental depression, depressed mood, impaired sleep, attention, class.

Step increase depression, anxiety, decreased performance, motor retardation, insomnia.

Stage severe depression: the maximum degree of all symptoms, delusional thoughts, accusations of all the problems, hallucinations.

Reactive stage: a gradual reduction of symptoms.

Treatment of bipolar disorder must necessarily take place under the supervision of a psychiatrist. It will include medication, psychotherapeutic techniques.
Bipolar mental disorder: the disease
Bipolar mental disorder has many faces and is a sequence of depressive and manic phases, which can rotate. The order and duration for each individual patient. Typically, the first symptoms can be seen at the age of 20-30 years, but recorded and cases where the symptoms started to appear in old age.
The following variants of the disease:

circular type of course;

recurrent depression;

correctly-punctuated and correctly-punctuated type of course;

double form;

periodic mania.
Typically, the manic phase of bipolar disorder lasts 2-5 weeks and depressive – 6-12 months. So-called “light” periods in which a person feels fine, can last 1-7 years, and may be absent altogether.
Bipolar disorder: Causes

To date, the scientific community is not an ongoing debate about what causes bipolar mental disorder. Scientists have put forward the following hypothesis:
Bipolar mental disorder
heredity, genetic predisposition;

systematic or persistent sleep disorders;

stressful situation, the tendency to experience too much from it;

autoyntoksykatsiya (violation of water-electrolyte exchange);

drug or alcohol abuse.
However, scientific evidence and specifics regarding the causes of bipolar disorder oblychchyastosti not currently exist. However, most mental diseases arise and develop suddenly and unpredictably, and why most of them remain a mystery even today scientific progress.

Syndrome victims

Syndrome victim always has roots in childhood and often not understood by man. He quickly reconciled to the fact that he was unlucky in everything fired, betray friends, favorite cast. However, it is important to be able to face it, just acknowledging that you – the victim syndrome, you will be able to overcome.
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These people can be, and among women and men. At first glance, they are good, people are quite positive, but in reality they were not lucky: zvalyuyuchy colleagues they all work, friends and just do what they ask for “services”, the authorities did not appreciate the hard work. In addition, these people dull, try not to stand out from the crowd, speaking softly, easily yield in disputes restrained gesture, even if the conflict occurred not with them outside prefer to apologize.
People feel this inability to fend for themselves and are beginning to use it. Victim syndrome limo service in Madison in relationships with colleagues and friends, with your loved one.
The reasons usually lie in childhood: a “nedolyubleni children” who lacked parental attention that have always been the second man after the brother or sister who used that wealth gets them less than anyone. They see a child to his attitude as a second-class person because of what they are born beliefs: “I – a man of second grade, I am not worthy to be desired.” Whatever the belief, life will always give you a confirmation and, in this case the person refuses to unconsciously kind and sensitive people and turning surrounded by those willing to use it.
How to get rid of the victim syndrome?

To win Syndrome victims, need help therapist. But if you are seriously tired of this state of affairs, will gather in a fist and try to do the same:

Pay attention to their successes, write them in a notebook.

Pay attention to your positive traits and record them.

Every day, tell yourself: “I have a wonderful man, worthy of all good things, and my opinion should be considered.”

Do not do anything what you want – but help not borrowed.

Avoid negative thoughts about yourself, pay attention to what you do well.
Control your thinking 15-20 days, and it will enter the habit. Gradually you change the type of behavior, and you will never be a victim. This information is not enough to read, you need to practice every day. If you can not deal with it yourself. Consult your therapist.

Magic Vietnam

Vietnam – a very diverse country c emerging economies, which will be interesting to see and to investors, and ordinary tourists who will hit Vietnam ancient culture, and exotic sights.

Vietnam is on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The country is situated on the shores of the South China Sea, a large part of the territory is covered by mountains, islands, as well as two of the archipelago – Chyongsha and Hoang Sa. On the territory of Vietnam is home to about eighty million people, most of them Vietnamese. In the country the official language is Vietnamese, but the local population also speaks French, English and Russian languages. Religion – Buddhism, he professes great part of the Vietnamese population, but there are Christians and Muslims.

The capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, which is translated from Vietnamese means “surrounded by the river,” and the city is just on the banks of the Red River. The capital he began in 1010 thanks to the Emperor Lee Thay That which moved here from the capital city of Dajla. Today Hanoi – a big city with a population of over four million people. It’s business, political, cultural and industrial center of the country. And there are many computer repair madison of Vietnam.
The most popular place among tourists – the mausoleum in which the body of the great communist leader – the world-famous Ho Chi Minh. The mausoleum was built in 1975. Next to it you can see the house on stilts, where Ho Chi Minh lived. The mausoleum guarded by soldiers of the guard of honor. It should be remembered that in the Mausoleum you can not go in shorts and things, as well as to produce a photo or record a video.
Very interesting to visit the Temple of Literature, which was built in 1070 in honor of Confucius. In fact, the Temple of Literature consists of two buildings. The first building – a Temple itself, and the second building was constructed in 1076 as the first Vietnamese university. The area of the Temple of about 6000 square meters. meters. Of particular interest are Doctor’s stele – a stone on which to take notes about Confucian education, as well as recording the history of each exam. Currently, cultural events and festivals in the Temple of Literature.

Fans of painting and sculpture will be interesting to visit the State Museum of Fine Arts. The museum’s collection contains paintings of the best artists of Vietnam, ancient sculptures, archaeological finds.
You should definitely limo service in Madison Museum of History of Vietnam. His exhibition will tell you about the history of the country in ancient times, times of great empires and Vietnam during the struggle for independence.