Bipolar mental disorder

Early was a popular term manic-depressive syndrome but now in clinical practice the disease received more accurate name – bipolar mental disorder. It is the sudden change in mood – from depression to mania greatness, and in between these ups and downs person may well feel fine.
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Depending on the phase of bipolar disorder symptoms can vary significantly. For example, the manic phase of bipolar disorder characterized by the following stages:

Hypomanyakalnaya stage: cheerfulness, good mood, rapid speech, a short sleep.

Stage severe mania: increase of symptoms, outbursts of anger, desire to joke and laugh, limo service in Madison, delusions of grandeur, inability to dialogue, sleep 4 hours a day.

Stage manic frenzy: Maximum severity of symptoms, sudden movements, it is transformed into a set of slogans.

Phase motor calming, language stimulation and reduced physical activity.

Reactive stage, symptoms return to normal.

Depressive phase differs radically from manic. In it, experts distinguish four stages:

The initial stage, mental depression, depressed mood, impaired sleep, attention, class.

Step increase depression, anxiety, decreased performance, motor retardation, insomnia.

Stage severe depression: the maximum degree of all symptoms, delusional thoughts, accusations of all the problems, hallucinations.

Reactive stage: a gradual reduction of symptoms.

Treatment of bipolar disorder must necessarily take place under the supervision of a psychiatrist. It will include medication, psychotherapeutic techniques.
Bipolar mental disorder: the disease
Bipolar mental disorder has many faces and is a sequence of depressive and manic phases, which can rotate. The order and duration for each individual patient. Typically, the first symptoms can be seen at the age of 20-30 years, but recorded and cases where the symptoms started to appear in old age.
The following variants of the disease:

circular type of course;

recurrent depression;

correctly-punctuated and correctly-punctuated type of course;

double form;

periodic mania.
Typically, the manic phase of bipolar disorder lasts 2-5 weeks and depressive – 6-12 months. So-called “light” periods in which a person feels fine, can last 1-7 years, and may be absent altogether.
Bipolar disorder: Causes

To date, the scientific community is not an ongoing debate about what causes bipolar mental disorder. Scientists have put forward the following hypothesis:
Bipolar mental disorder
heredity, genetic predisposition;

systematic or persistent sleep disorders;

stressful situation, the tendency to experience too much from it;

autoyntoksykatsiya (violation of water-electrolyte exchange);

drug or alcohol abuse.
However, scientific evidence and specifics regarding the causes of bipolar disorder oblychchyastosti not currently exist. However, most mental diseases arise and develop suddenly and unpredictably, and why most of them remain a mystery even today scientific progress.