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The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole

Blue compass needle always points north, so if you go in the opposite direction for a long time until the arrow will not show straight up, get back to where the southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole.
This was not so in our planet, there are several South Pole.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
The word “pole” refers to the marginal marginal, extreme point of any surface or do something, and the diametrical opposite – in this case a fresh concept in our world there are only two poles, more or less is, perhaps, worlds with different notions of space.

On our planet there are geographic poles – north and south (the southernmost point of the planet), which are located where the planet’s axis of rotation intersects its surface at two points. As any extremes, the poles of several unprofitable, these points with geographic coordinates are latitude only, respectively, at the poles no time zones – choose any.
And their own, special poles are in the cold and inaccessibility, and even their name is uncomfortable.
Magnetic poles
In the Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the planet’s core, consisting of molten rock, including metal. Like any electromagnetic radiation, it has the power lines that show the direction of the radiation. These lines are forced to deviate compass that always located along those lines, strictly in one direction. The points of convergence of these lines are called magnetic poles – north and south, and they are not the same drift and geographical. They are not opposites, ie the magnetic axis of the Earth, which connects the magnetic poles, which passes through the center of the world.

The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
Incidentally, the south magnetic pole attracts the south pole of the compass, and since opposite charges attract, it is correct to call the North.
Geographical location
The point on the earth’s surface that has coordinates 9000 ’00’ south latitude – South Pole – the southernmost point of the planet. Poles got the most stringent in the climatic zone of the planet. North is the ice of the Arctic Ocean, is among the ocean, located between huge areas of land . South – to Antarctica, that solid plot, bordered on all sides by oceans.
At the poles, the sun rises every year, reaching the highest point in six months sits on the horizon. In Antarctica day begins 22 September, lasts 178 days and ends in March.
Despite the “hot” name, the South Pole – the extreme southern point of the world – one of the living conditions эkstremalneyshyh places. It is located on the continent, covered with a thick layer of ice and sunbathe there is problematic – the climate at the South Pole is colder than the North. It turns out that it is far from the coast and the ocean – a natural teploakumulyator. Its location is on a hill, and liquid sunlight reaching the surface appear white snow.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole Near the pole, the station Amundsen Scott (USA) temperature -828 noted that only 7 warmer record low registered in the Russian station “Vostok”, located on the continent.

Conquest of the South Pole
After the American Peary Arctic expedition, when in 1909 opened the North Pole, the main purpose of pioneers became the southernmost point of the planet. The history of the conquest of the South Pole was one of the last pages of the world history of geographical discoveries, and one of the most dramatic.
In the race involved two teams: Norwegian led by the legendary polar explorer Amundsen and British Rualdom under the command of Robert Scott. Later in England spread a description of these expeditions, designed to trifles, devoid of the slightest risk of cold command, sensible Norwegian romantic and heroic impulse-Englishman. Amundsen particularly charged that fifty huskies, which moved his team, as we move to pole became a source of food for dogs and people.

January 17, 1912 Norwegians reached the pole, ahead of Scott month. The southernmost point of the world was on the base at a distance of 1300 km, Amundsen reached the Pole, two months after the expedition safely returned, spending way less than 10 days. 5 people under the command of Scott with great difficulty got to the goal there found that Amundsen beat them. They were found dead from exhaustion just six months.
The current state
In Antarctica, no territorial division is limited to research activities carried out under international treaty. The South Pole is an American research station named after the discoverers – Amundsen and Scott, about her ritual equipped place for photography – the southernmost point of the planet. It is a special sign on a stand surrounded by flags of countries participating in the development of Antarctica.
The southernmost point of our planet – the South Pole
Each year the mark due to the shift of the ice shell on the southern continents deviates from zero longitude of ten meters, and it has to move. Fortunately, every time the southernmost point of land called without the effort that has been spent heroes of science in the early XX century. Now the pole is a webcam, and a visit is included in the list of tourist destinations.

What nationality: Quest definition

In Soviet aesthetics and philosophy of history there is such a term as a nation. This is not an unambiguous word that needs clarification and definition. The fact that a nation and a developed understanding of the term in academia, are discussed below.
What nationality: Quest definition
The first mention
It is the first time the term “nation” was taken in the letter P. Vyazemsky, which he wrote while in Warsaw, Alexander Turgenev. The yard was then 1819. Since then, the debate about what a nation, not abated. First of all, this applies to history but also strongly affected literature and other areas of human activity and science. In 1832 there is the famous formula of “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality”. It happened with a light hand Uvarov, who admitted that interest in us word one of the main categories of philosophy.

Socialist realism
As an ideological concept, both endowed with aesthetic features, the term entered into the formula of socialist realism. It sounded like this: “ideology, party affiliation, nationality.” But this was much later, and this we will say below. In general As for the mid-nineteenth century thinkers attempted to answer the question of what a nation, determination often found in national categories. Thus, the concept of “nation” and “nationality” is often seen as synonymous and interchangeable.
What nationality: Quest definition
Polish tradition
But apart from the above, there were other interpretations both within Russia and abroad. So, tune Polish narodowo’s’c term was used in two ideological values. The first was designed in the spirit of the Enlightenment and involved oblychchyastist nation-state. The second was associated more with romanticism and included the concept oblychchyastosti people culture.

Russian alternative
In Russia too there, though rare, alternative answers to the question: “What is a nation?” For example, the term can be understood as the embodiment of the common people, as oblychchyastist people from the lower classes, in contrast to the nobility and intellectuals educated in mainstream Western culture.
Further development to the revolution
Gradually, the definition of what nationality, was more nationalistic and even take shovynystskuyu color. If the mid-nineteenth century and later this term could still be understood as determining original culture without reference to nationality, in the years immediately preceding the coup of 1917, under the influence of positivism use of the word has been deprecated and backwardness . And in the mind it is more closely identified with nationalist ideas.

The Soviet period
What nation in the history of the Soviet Union, can not say for sure, because the meaning of the word several times radically transformed the Soviet ideology. Originally from it completely disown would like vestige of monarchism. The term has become topical again after 1934, when the Bolsheviks XVII Congress was declared the end of the class struggle and the category of “class” gave a more general – “Soviet people”. Accordingly, instead klasovosti began to talk about nationality. By the end of the 30s the word firmly established in Soviet life and became so powerful ideological meaning that any attempt to deny or reject it perceived as anti-Soviet activity. On the other hand, there was no clear definition, allowing specify that a nationality. In literature, for example, noted among other things that writers such as Pushkin and Tolstoy, “made people” and it was an expression of nationality. Someone said that writers express their nationality contrary klasovosti. Still others believed that this word lies a fundamental democracy. Again sounded notes of determination of nationalism. For example, to find out what the nations and nationalities, trying G. Pospelov. He wrote that this term should be understood as “objective national progressive content.” Another version of the definition is based on an attempt to nationality and identification of partisanship. But more and after Stalin, the clearer it becomes awareness in the USSR is its national identity in relation to nationality.

What nationality: Quest definition
Russia in the post-Soviet period
Category nation was perceived and thinkers of the post-Soviet period. But, as in Soviet times, among them there is no unanimity. On the one hand, the nation tied with Orthodoxy, trying to revive the values of the famous formula, wanting to restore the monarchy. On the other – the nation is closely linked to national identity, holding between them the equal sign. These two trends are similar in one, namely that they postulate advantage of society, the staff of oblychchyastistyu over individuality. This relic is equally as Soviet and imperial order, and to this day it is neyzzhytym.
What nationality: Quest definition
N. Lysenko was felt that a more objective explanation of what the nation will be given in the future, as the term is certainly remain as mental category and part of the future, which only begins to form the ideology of the state. Today, in his opinion, can and should be limited to only highly conditional and vague definition of nationality as obscherusskosty. Still, mainstream is intuitive relationship nationalities, in which collectivist “we” prevails over the individual “I”.

NASA has shown a unique picture of the Milky Way

The picture shows the radiation of young hot stars, generating a cloud of gas.

NASA announced on its website a unique picture of the Milky Way galaxy, composed of photographs taken by different space observatories. The picture shows the radiation of young hot stars, generating a cloud of cold gas.

It is reported that the picture was taken by arranging the X-ray images taken by different observatories. This purple color Chandra Observatory captured and ROSAT, and orange – Spitzer telescope.

As for blue, this optical data UKIRT Infrared Telescope.

NASA notes that the picture shows the area named by scientists as NGC 6357. It is located at a distance of about 5500 light years from Earth.

This region is called a “cluster of clusters”, since it has several groups of young, bright and massive stars. The word “cluster” experts indicate accumulation of heavenly bodies.

1. The Royal Tower
Royal Tower, exceeding the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates by 167 meters, is being built in Saudi Arabia and will be the first building in the world, whose height is nearing kilometers.

In the project for $ 1.2 billion, which is located in Jeddah, will house luxury condominiums, office space, observatory, hotel «Four Seasons» and the world’s highest terrace on the 157th floor (rather more Far from the top of the building, by the way). The construction of the skyscraper was officially launched last year, and the building should be completed in 2019, the year.

2. Shanghai Tower
Construction of the 121-story Shanghai Tower in China, worth $ 4.2 billion, started in 1993, the year ended at the beginning of this year, and now are finishing work. Now it is the second tallest building in the world, but the official opening will be in 2015, the year.

Nevertheless, millions of people have seen a picture that opens from the top, thanks to the vertiginous images and video made by two Russian daredevils illegally climb to the summit last year, and became viral on the Internet.

Multifunctional skyscraper consists of nine different vertical zones and is surrounded by a layer of transparent glass cover to protect against weather conditions and natural ventilation.
3. Dubai Pearl
In the design of artificial islands in the shape of parts of the world’s largest shopping center, known to man, and, of course, the tallest building in the world, someone decided that Dubai should be an iconic building, similar to a conventional house, sinister legs apart.

Construction of 73-storey Dubai Pearl with views of the Persian Gulf started in the year 2009 and should be completed in 2016. The planned “inner city” will be four towers, connected by a bridge of heaven, and premium theater for 1,800 seats, which will be the Dubai International Film Festival.

4. Agora Garden
Already in 2016, the Agora Garden in Taipei, the building in the form of a double helix, will be a compromise between the creations of Mother Nature and man. A tortuous 20-story luxury building will be green in every sense of the word: balconies on each floor will maintain the gardens, as well as provide embedded support systems, including solar panels and rainwater recycling.

5. World One
When construction is completed next year, 117-storey World One skyscraper will be the tallest residential house on the planet and, of course, the tallest building in Mumbai, almost twice the 61-storey Imperial Tower, now having the last title.

World One will be home to some of the wealthiest residents of Mumbai and will include 300 luxury three- and four-room apartments (cost starts at $ 1.5 million) with the design of the studio «Armani / Casa» Giorgio Armani. Funny, but World One can not long retain the title of the tallest building in Mumbai, India’s under construction since the tower will have 126 floors.
6. Center for study and research of oil King Abdullah (KARSARC)
Located closest of all this list to the ground, but no less magnificent KARSARC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is more like a villain lair of stories about James Bond than a multinational non-profit center.

Crystal-futuristic design – the brainchild of the iconic architect of Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid, who took as a basis for design of interlocking hexagonal cells. Construction of the project began in the year 2009, and only the steel frame was completed at the moment, so it is not yet clear when the object is opened.

7. Zhongnan center in Suzhou
Only recently in Suzhou, China, 730-meter 138-storey center construction began, and it there is still a long, a very long way. But if you pointed a project worth $ 4.5 billion will be completed on schedule in 2020, the year it will be the tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world.

Tower hotel, offices and residential premises will be located with a nearly completed 69-storey skyscraper East Gate, which, as noted repeatedly, like a great pair of pants.

8. Lotte World Tower
Significantly higher than all other buildings in Seoul, South Korea, the skyline soar 556-meter 123-storey skyscraper Lotte World Tower, when it will be completed in 2016, the year.

Top “tasteless” delicacies of the world

Often it happens that many of the “delicious” World delicacies actually are tasteless. Here is a selection of “tasteless” delicacies of the world.
century egg
Fortunately, this dish is prepared still not one hundred years, and a few months, but he did not appeal it adds. It is impossible to imagine not that the taste of this dish – probably the most difficult people to move even its smell. Indeed, in the “cooking process” yolk duck, chicken or quail eggs becomes repulsive dark green color and a creamy consistency, and the protein is stained brown, becoming translucent as amber. Needless egg exudes the smell of ammonia and sulfur.

To prepare century egg, you will need a mixture of alkaline clay, wood ash, burnt lime and sea salt. Using rubber gloves, cover the mixture, each egg, and then roll it in the rice husk. Place the eggs in a closed or dense tissue banks baskets and keep for several months until, until the mixture is completely cured. After that – voila! – The eggs are ready. It remains only to clean.

It is believed that this way of cooking eggs appeared in connection with the necessity of storage, about 600 years ago in Hunan Province during the reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1662 years).
Do not be surprised, and the Chinese eat this, and the high prices. Edible bird’s nest is considered one of the most expensive animal products, and they are in Asian countries to an average of $ 2,500 per kilo! Builders nests are, first and foremost, and swifts Aerodramus fuciphagus Aerodramus maximus, which make them from their own saliva.

The latter is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, so good tool nests are considered to improve digestion, enhance libido and concentration, as well as beneficial effects on the human immune system in general. The most expensive red jacks worth 10 thousand. Dollars per kilogram, were collected only in the limestone caves in Thailand. Nests are eaten in China for more than 400 years, they are likely to add to the soup, but also prepared with rice, egg pie and other desserts.
Black Ivory
This type of coffee. And he came to our list because of “ready” … in the stomach of an elephant. First, the animals eat berries Arabian coffee, which, once in the elephant’s stomach, are broken down under the influence of gastric acid. All this gives the future of coffee “specific taste”. After 15-17 hours the berries go along with fecal matter that are collected, cleaned and sold.

It should be noted that a variety of coffee “black ivory” is one of the most expensive in the world, the price per kilogram on average $ 1,100. It makes his one and only Thai company – Black Ivory Coffee Company Ltd., and in the “production” of drink involved twenty elephants. Among other things, due to its high cost and the fact that of the 33 kilograms of coffee berries get only 1 kilo of “black ivory”, as most berries milled elephants and feces themselves it is very difficult to find in the grass.
Casu Marzu
It is not known what is worse: to sip a cup of coffee “from under the elephant” or eat a piece of cheese with live fly larvae. Of course, the creators of traditional Sardinian cheese Casu Marzu Gabbas Giovanni and Andrew Zimmern would be considered an insult for such a comparison. The taste of its cheese they call “very ammoniated” because getting into the mouth, it burns the tongue, and the aftertaste of it is kept up to several hours. But memories of a meal left, probably for life.

Prepare the cheese as follows: first remove part of the crust with sheep cheese – cheese to fly could put his eggs, and hatched larvae easily done moves into cheese, then just wait until the cheese is “soaked” acid from the digestive system of larvae. By the time the readiness of cheese – larvae in it will be a thousand – it will start to “cry”: delicacy begins to flow from the liquid, which is called lagrima (Latin for “tear”).

Sami larvae are of worms translucent about 8 mm in length which are capable … jump. For example, if they are disturbed by cutting off a piece of cheese, they can jump a distance of up to 15 sm. Some eat Casu Marzu, pre-clearing it from the larvae (not so clear, however, how to choose them, because they are simply teeming with cheese!), And some eat right along with them, eating with the red wine and soaked Sardinian cake.

In a similar technology prepared and other European varieties of cheese, such as cheese Milbenkäse German and French cheese Mimolette, which produce cheese using mites live.
virgin boy egg
Another traditional “delicacy” of the Chinese people (Zhejiang Province) – the eggs boiled in the urine of boys who have not attained puberty (before the age of 10 years). It is said that the virgin boy egg producers take it – oh, Gods! – In the toilets of local schools, then soaked and boiled eggs in it. After the shell will crack, Bates fire and cont

Clinical depression

Major depressive disorder, or as it is called, clinical depression – a phenomenon much more serious than ordinary depression. In this case, it is not just about low

cleaner mouth

spirits, and a range of related symptoms among which depression may not enter. Clinical depression – a hidden, disguised state and need to learn to identify it, to prevent serious complications.
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If the following symptoms are rare and rare – this is not a reason to worry. But if many of these signs of clinical depression lasts more than two weeks and interfere with normal life, work or school, it is serious reason to visit the doctor.
Often hidden depression is the beginning of more serious disorders, such as bipolar affective limo service in Madison. In no case do not delay the campaign to the doctor, if you find yourself in these symptoms!
Thus, symptoms may include:

most of the day low mood (and sometimes throughout the day);

ideas or actions that lead to injury or death of his body;

a loss of interest and pleasure from them;

inability to concentrate and focus; electronics

thoughts of suicide and his own fault;

a marked decrease in vigor;

incomprehensible indecision;

lack of confidence;

grim vision of the future;


violation of appetite;

lowering of self-esteem;

sleep disturbances;

60 North Market

weight loss (even with normal diet).

There are special tests can help you detect the disease. One of them you probably will offer doctor when you go with your problem.
Clinical depression
Clinical depression: treatment

A person who is not aware of this disorder may not understand that it is something wrong, do not recognize the disease and believe it’s just a bad mood. That is why treatment necessarily involves assistance of a doctor. This condition causes changes in brain biochemistry, and the sooner the patient will appeal for help, the more likely that the disorder will manage to win.
Such a person differs in that it does not seek help themselves or correct something – but it is only a symptom of depression extra. If you or someone in your family has symptoms of clinical depression, know that in this case should go to the doctor without delay.

Disorders of thought

Disorders of thought in psychology are divided into three types: disorder in tempo, structure and content.
Thought disorder in tempo
Acceleration thinking. This disorder is human nature to speak rapidly and many possible limo Madison jump. Thoughts overtake each other, many of them lost, not even being uttered. At the same time, such creative thinking promotes recovery. Most often occurs in people with mania.
Slower thinking. A person does not have time to absorb and process information, analyze. The simplest questions may cause long thought process. This disorder can be caused by depression.
Disorders thinking structure

Broken thinking. In human speech there are no logical chain, the connection between words and sentences. Most people do not require companion.

Computer Repair Madison. The disorder of thought, where can not hurt intelligence, but broken logic reasoning. All facts and events are perceived as through a distorting mirror and do not help a person other findings that contradict their submission. Rather, on the contrary, it adjusts patient at its core idea.

Thoroughly. Thinking, in which a person does not distinguish the important from the slight inclined to focus on the details, hardly switched from one object to another conversation.

Mentism. Human thoughts constantly visiting, often violent. Basically, they played loud. repair USA

Shperrunh. Thoughts person there and immediately cut off. There is a feeling of emptiness in the head. The patient can start phrase and did not finish it until the end, though freezes.

Disorders maintenance
Nav’yaslyvi ideas. These may include disorders and phobias (fear of disease, infection, enclosed spaces), and motor disorders (need to perform some rituals required) and nav’yaslyvi train. A person can realize the whole absurdity
Disorders nav’yaslyvyh thinking ideas, but they do not disappear. This also nav’yaslyvi and thought that the house could stay included iron stove or gas.
Overvalued ideas. Man tends to cultivate any one idea, rejecting all other motives. Such judgments are unduly great importance for man and not subjected to criticism on his part. Suppose mania for collecting, damage to the family budget. Inventive ideas: creating a perpetual engine of the water or the philosopher’s stone. Ideas improve the world. The most common is the idea of love, self-worth and health.
Delirium. False errors that can not be criticized. The patient can not convince. These include, for example, megalomania, the idea of self-destruction, sensual delirium and persecution.

Ways to deal with stress

If you do not regularly vysypayetesya often nervous, posыpaetes morning with a feeling of fatigue – it means that you have accumulated great stress. It is important to get rid of it, to have the body was not working for wear. There are many methods to deal with stress, and among them you will surely find the ones that you like fall.
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Psychology recommends spoblychchya deal with stress that can be used regularly, because it lies in the regularity of their effectiveness.

Take a break. If you work hard you overload, get off the habit on the phone all weekend.

Drink vitamins. Complex drug twice a year – a mandatory rule for those who are often exposed to stress.

Eat foods that elevate mood. This is unusual, but effective method of dealing with stress. Some foods contain substances that contribute to the development of serotonin, a limo Madison or joy. In their list included: dark chocolate, bananas, nuts and citrus.

Aromatherapy. This unique method of dealing with stress – one helps jasmine oil, the other – lavender, third – cypress. Find your option and use aroma lamp every night before bed.

Talk heart to heart. This method of dealing with stress available to almost everyone, and even if relatives are not around, you can always discuss the problem over the phone or write about it online. It helps ease life, free from suffering and experience inner freedom.

Take sports. Those who attend fitness club 2-3 times a week, much less stressed than those who neglect sports. It relieves muscular work mental fatigue.
Do not forget that the most effective way to deal with stress – a habit of looking at life with humor and not worry about trifles. If that will not bother you after 5 years, it is about her, too, can not survive.

How to remove the depression?

Many even called depression a bad mood, but actually meaning of the term is much more serious. Depression – a depression in which the reduced mental activity and physical abuse occur, for example, have trouble sleeping, constipation, arrhythmia, loss of appetite and so on. If you have a genuine depression should consult a therapist.
How to remove the depression?

Computer Repair in Madison Typically, people who are in deep depression, it is difficult to independently take himself in hand, and such intensive treatment have very helpful.
As a psychotherapeutic techniques can be offered a variety of methods, from conventional to unconventional group classes and training.
How to remove depression folk remedies?

If you feel the strength to win depressed, then you’re not in the deep stage and can easily handle it as their own. To do this, do the following:

find that was the cause of depression and remove this factor, either change your attitude, look for pros;

add to my life walking, sports limo Madison as muscular work perfectly relaxing;

Spend as much time with friends you trust and with whom to share their problems;

Normalize your daily routine – sleep 7-8 hours a day and take food 3-4 times a day at the same time;

each day, pay only a half an hour – take a bath, listen to audio books, do what you like;

Add to your diet dark chocolate, bananas,
How to remove the depression? citrus, nuts – these products contribute to the development of serotonin, the hormone of joy.
The question of how to relieve depression man and woman decided the same. For men it is usually difficult because the strong half of humanity is not accustomed to open their senses.

How to remove depressed after breaking up?

Remove depressed after breaking up can be the same way as any other. By the above steps to add only what you need once properly consider all that happened, accept the situation and does not seek to change it. Then remove from the eyes of all, a reminder of your bet, and firmly decide to begin to live a new, happier than ever, and meet a suitable partner.

Manic syndrome

Many people are first confronted with bipolar disorder in their own skin, very pleased that happening. During the manic syndrome person experiences euphoria, increased efficiency, creativity influx observed even in the most rationalized accountants patient feels powerful, talented, divine. But a state of euphoria can not last indefinitely.
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Manic Syndrome as depression and lighter form – hypomanyya are signs oblychchyastosti phases of bipolar disorder. It is not necessary that after the mania the next day must come a phase of depression. Signs of manic syndrome can manifest weeks, months, years, and only then comes the depression.
Patients initially difficult to understand what is wrong with their condition, because it suits them much more than the former “sober” life. However, the rise of limo Madison ideas that are born in the head, one after another with unprecedented speed, leading to the fact that people just do not have time on its head, becomes forgetful, for one thing throws a new, and here begins irritation. The patient is angry that despite his “genius” does not work, aggression scandals mixed with bouts of unhealthy laughter. At this point, the possible fight in the street, statements and intervention in life absolutely strangers. It was at this time and most patients come to the hospital, and those who are not lucky the police.
If you find yourself in even a couple of manic symptoms syndrome that became your steady state during the week, the month, you should immediately contact your doctor:

strong emotional recovery, prolonged attack of optimism, cheerfulness without apparent reason;

reduced need for sleep;

increased talkativeness and sexual desire;

grand assembly “Napoleonic” plans;

Jump ideas;

high self-esteem;

sudden changes of optimism in irritability;


desire to quit work;

restless and unreasonable waste.
The causes of the symptoms of manic syndrome – a surge of hormones, which caused a brain sick.
Doctors still can not understand what pushes your brain to the disease. The symptoms of manic delusional syndrome often can be detected as early as infancy, but the first serious and even terrible attacks often occur at age 20, when a man feels the already-powerful, not afraid of death and believe in his immortality.

Treatment of manic syndrome lasts a lifetime, so there is no way that could once and for all rid the patient of this disease. In the manic syndrome doctors prescribe antipsychotics, which relieve irritability, hostility, increased activity.
Also welcome are practicing so-called mood stabilizers. They help prevent mood swings, which can be very dangerous and even lead to suicide. These are given for a year or more parallel patient should periodically
Manic Syndrome donate blood.
If it is a manic syndrome, the most severe need hospitalization. At this stage the patient is a too high risk and a danger to themselves and to society. In the hospital often used electroconvulsive therapy.
However, any means is better than living with constantly increasing obsessive syndrome without treatment. The most terrible and difficult for the patient is that his brain is in a state of exhaustion, a person feels that he is broken head of restless thoughts, which he was not happy and wanted to stop now, but, unfortunately, can not.

Apathy everything – what to do?

The concept of apathy is often confused and mistakenly called depression. In fact apathy arises as a predictor or a consequence of depression. State apathy – a reluctance to do anything, with full knowledge that make it a must.
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When a person there is apathy towards life it is very difficult not to notice the others. There is complete inhibition of mental and physical activity – the patient does not want to think, do not feel emotions once again not rise from bed. Disappear interests, aspirations, goals. This limo Madison can be described famous quote “No one is not going anywhere.”
Complete apathy and fatigue that can occur after an illness (including banal colds), beriberi, after surgery, as well as mental illness. Continued apathy – a signal that it’s time to turn to a psychologist and examined.
Also apathy – is normal (but undesirable) thing when a person does not live in rhythm. Sleep, work, comprehensive all human resources, prolonged psychological stress (for example, if the work involves responsibility for the lives of many), and physical exhaustion. Complete apathy – it’s just a signal to the body that blatantly asks you to give a breath.

What shall I do?
It is clear that long in this state do not lend. Therefore, in case of apathy to everything, the question what to do – arises from any willful man who wants to take itself more in hand.
Big mistake is to pile on even work, more stress and knock “wedge-wedge”. In fact, such behavior will lead to depression.

Take at least a day off.

I must sleep.

All day do what you love only, and has no “world” use.

Tasty eat (no thoughts of excessive weight), take a bath with essential oils, go to the beauty salon or spa, buy a gift, which have long dreamed.
Apathy everything – what to do?
Make a plan for your dreams and a promise to gradually implement them.

When relax, think about what is wrong in your daily routine, make adjustments, as always out there.

Start taking vitamins.

If there was apathy because of aversion to work, “perehorelosty” complete loss of interest in this type of activity – will have to change jobs.

If you can, take a vacation for a global response, but not sick.