Apathy everything – what to do?

The concept of apathy is often confused and mistakenly called depression. In fact apathy arises as a predictor or a consequence of depression. State apathy – a reluctance to do anything, with full knowledge that make it a must.
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When a person there is apathy towards life it is very difficult not to notice the others. There is complete inhibition of mental and physical activity – the patient does not want to think, do not feel emotions once again not rise from bed. Disappear interests, aspirations, goals. This limo Madison can be described famous quote “No one is not going anywhere.”
Complete apathy and fatigue that can occur after an illness (including banal colds), beriberi, after surgery, as well as mental illness. Continued apathy – a signal that it’s time to turn to a psychologist and examined.
Also apathy – is normal (but undesirable) thing when a person does not live in rhythm. Sleep, work, comprehensive all human resources, prolonged psychological stress (for example, if the work involves responsibility for the lives of many), and physical exhaustion. Complete apathy – it’s just a signal to the body that blatantly asks you to give a breath.

What shall I do?
It is clear that long in this state do not lend. Therefore, in case of apathy to everything, the question what to do – arises from any willful man who wants to take itself more in hand.
Big mistake is to pile on even work, more stress and knock “wedge-wedge”. In fact, such behavior will lead to depression.

Take at least a day off.

I must sleep.

All day do what you love only, and has no “world” use.

Tasty eat (no thoughts of excessive weight), take a bath with essential oils, go to the beauty salon or spa, buy a gift, which have long dreamed.
Apathy everything – what to do?
Make a plan for your dreams and a promise to gradually implement them.

When relax, think about what is wrong in your daily routine, make adjustments, as always out there.

Start taking vitamins.

If there was apathy because of aversion to work, “perehorelosty” complete loss of interest in this type of activity – will have to change jobs.

If you can, take a vacation for a global response, but not sick.