Clinical depression

Major depressive disorder, or as it is called, clinical depression – a phenomenon much more serious than ordinary depression. In this case, it is not just about low

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spirits, and a range of related symptoms among which depression may not enter. Clinical depression – a hidden, disguised state and need to learn to identify it, to prevent serious complications.
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If the following symptoms are rare and rare – this is not a reason to worry. But if many of these signs of clinical depression lasts more than two weeks and interfere with normal life, work or school, it is serious reason to visit the doctor.
Often hidden depression is the beginning of more serious disorders, such as bipolar affective limo service in Madison. In no case do not delay the campaign to the doctor, if you find yourself in these symptoms!
Thus, symptoms may include:

most of the day low mood (and sometimes throughout the day);

ideas or actions that lead to injury or death of his body;

a loss of interest and pleasure from them;

inability to concentrate and focus; electronics

thoughts of suicide and his own fault;

a marked decrease in vigor;

incomprehensible indecision;

lack of confidence;

grim vision of the future;


violation of appetite;

lowering of self-esteem;

sleep disturbances;

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weight loss (even with normal diet).

There are special tests can help you detect the disease. One of them you probably will offer doctor when you go with your problem.
Clinical depression
Clinical depression: treatment

A person who is not aware of this disorder may not understand that it is something wrong, do not recognize the disease and believe it’s just a bad mood. That is why treatment necessarily involves assistance of a doctor. This condition causes changes in brain biochemistry, and the sooner the patient will appeal for help, the more likely that the disorder will manage to win.
Such a person differs in that it does not seek help themselves or correct something – but it is only a symptom of depression extra. If you or someone in your family has symptoms of clinical depression, know that in this case should go to the doctor without delay.

Disorders of thought

Disorders of thought in psychology are divided into three types: disorder in tempo, structure and content.
Thought disorder in tempo
Acceleration thinking. This disorder is human nature to speak rapidly and many possible limo Madison jump. Thoughts overtake each other, many of them lost, not even being uttered. At the same time, such creative thinking promotes recovery. Most often occurs in people with mania.
Slower thinking. A person does not have time to absorb and process information, analyze. The simplest questions may cause long thought process. This disorder can be caused by depression.
Disorders thinking structure

Broken thinking. In human speech there are no logical chain, the connection between words and sentences. Most people do not require companion.

Computer Repair Madison. The disorder of thought, where can not hurt intelligence, but broken logic reasoning. All facts and events are perceived as through a distorting mirror and do not help a person other findings that contradict their submission. Rather, on the contrary, it adjusts patient at its core idea.

Thoroughly. Thinking, in which a person does not distinguish the important from the slight inclined to focus on the details, hardly switched from one object to another conversation.

Mentism. Human thoughts constantly visiting, often violent. Basically, they played loud. repair USA

Shperrunh. Thoughts person there and immediately cut off. There is a feeling of emptiness in the head. The patient can start phrase and did not finish it until the end, though freezes.

Disorders maintenance
Nav’yaslyvi ideas. These may include disorders and phobias (fear of disease, infection, enclosed spaces), and motor disorders (need to perform some rituals required) and nav’yaslyvi train. A person can realize the whole absurdity
Disorders nav’yaslyvyh thinking ideas, but they do not disappear. This also nav’yaslyvi and thought that the house could stay included iron stove or gas.
Overvalued ideas. Man tends to cultivate any one idea, rejecting all other motives. Such judgments are unduly great importance for man and not subjected to criticism on his part. Suppose mania for collecting, damage to the family budget. Inventive ideas: creating a perpetual engine of the water or the philosopher’s stone. Ideas improve the world. The most common is the idea of love, self-worth and health.
Delirium. False errors that can not be criticized. The patient can not convince. These include, for example, megalomania, the idea of self-destruction, sensual delirium and persecution.

Ways to deal with stress

If you do not regularly vysypayetesya often nervous, posыpaetes morning with a feeling of fatigue – it means that you have accumulated great stress. It is important to get rid of it, to have the body was not working for wear. There are many methods to deal with stress, and among them you will surely find the ones that you like fall.
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Psychology recommends spoblychchya deal with stress that can be used regularly, because it lies in the regularity of their effectiveness.

Take a break. If you work hard you overload, get off the habit on the phone all weekend.

Drink vitamins. Complex drug twice a year – a mandatory rule for those who are often exposed to stress.

Eat foods that elevate mood. This is unusual, but effective method of dealing with stress. Some foods contain substances that contribute to the development of serotonin, a limo Madison or joy. In their list included: dark chocolate, bananas, nuts and citrus.

Aromatherapy. This unique method of dealing with stress – one helps jasmine oil, the other – lavender, third – cypress. Find your option and use aroma lamp every night before bed.

Talk heart to heart. This method of dealing with stress available to almost everyone, and even if relatives are not around, you can always discuss the problem over the phone or write about it online. It helps ease life, free from suffering and experience inner freedom.

Take sports. Those who attend fitness club 2-3 times a week, much less stressed than those who neglect sports. It relieves muscular work mental fatigue.
Do not forget that the most effective way to deal with stress – a habit of looking at life with humor and not worry about trifles. If that will not bother you after 5 years, it is about her, too, can not survive.

How to remove the depression?

Many even called depression a bad mood, but actually meaning of the term is much more serious. Depression – a depression in which the reduced mental activity and physical abuse occur, for example, have trouble sleeping, constipation, arrhythmia, loss of appetite and so on. If you have a genuine depression should consult a therapist.
How to remove the depression?

Computer Repair in Madison Typically, people who are in deep depression, it is difficult to independently take himself in hand, and such intensive treatment have very helpful.
As a psychotherapeutic techniques can be offered a variety of methods, from conventional to unconventional group classes and training.
How to remove depression folk remedies?

If you feel the strength to win depressed, then you’re not in the deep stage and can easily handle it as their own. To do this, do the following:

find that was the cause of depression and remove this factor, either change your attitude, look for pros;

add to my life walking, sports limo Madison as muscular work perfectly relaxing;

Spend as much time with friends you trust and with whom to share their problems;

Normalize your daily routine – sleep 7-8 hours a day and take food 3-4 times a day at the same time;

each day, pay only a half an hour – take a bath, listen to audio books, do what you like;

Add to your diet dark chocolate, bananas,
How to remove the depression? citrus, nuts – these products contribute to the development of serotonin, the hormone of joy.
The question of how to relieve depression man and woman decided the same. For men it is usually difficult because the strong half of humanity is not accustomed to open their senses.

How to remove depressed after breaking up?

Remove depressed after breaking up can be the same way as any other. By the above steps to add only what you need once properly consider all that happened, accept the situation and does not seek to change it. Then remove from the eyes of all, a reminder of your bet, and firmly decide to begin to live a new, happier than ever, and meet a suitable partner.

Manic syndrome

Many people are first confronted with bipolar disorder in their own skin, very pleased that happening. During the manic syndrome person experiences euphoria, increased efficiency, creativity influx observed even in the most rationalized accountants patient feels powerful, talented, divine. But a state of euphoria can not last indefinitely.
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Manic Syndrome as depression and lighter form – hypomanyya are signs oblychchyastosti phases of bipolar disorder. It is not necessary that after the mania the next day must come a phase of depression. Signs of manic syndrome can manifest weeks, months, years, and only then comes the depression.
Patients initially difficult to understand what is wrong with their condition, because it suits them much more than the former “sober” life. However, the rise of limo Madison ideas that are born in the head, one after another with unprecedented speed, leading to the fact that people just do not have time on its head, becomes forgetful, for one thing throws a new, and here begins irritation. The patient is angry that despite his “genius” does not work, aggression scandals mixed with bouts of unhealthy laughter. At this point, the possible fight in the street, statements and intervention in life absolutely strangers. It was at this time and most patients come to the hospital, and those who are not lucky the police.
If you find yourself in even a couple of manic symptoms syndrome that became your steady state during the week, the month, you should immediately contact your doctor:

strong emotional recovery, prolonged attack of optimism, cheerfulness without apparent reason;

reduced need for sleep;

increased talkativeness and sexual desire;

grand assembly “Napoleonic” plans;

Jump ideas;

high self-esteem;

sudden changes of optimism in irritability;


desire to quit work;

restless and unreasonable waste.
The causes of the symptoms of manic syndrome – a surge of hormones, which caused a brain sick.
Doctors still can not understand what pushes your brain to the disease. The symptoms of manic delusional syndrome often can be detected as early as infancy, but the first serious and even terrible attacks often occur at age 20, when a man feels the already-powerful, not afraid of death and believe in his immortality.

Treatment of manic syndrome lasts a lifetime, so there is no way that could once and for all rid the patient of this disease. In the manic syndrome doctors prescribe antipsychotics, which relieve irritability, hostility, increased activity.
Also welcome are practicing so-called mood stabilizers. They help prevent mood swings, which can be very dangerous and even lead to suicide. These are given for a year or more parallel patient should periodically
Manic Syndrome donate blood.
If it is a manic syndrome, the most severe need hospitalization. At this stage the patient is a too high risk and a danger to themselves and to society. In the hospital often used electroconvulsive therapy.
However, any means is better than living with constantly increasing obsessive syndrome without treatment. The most terrible and difficult for the patient is that his brain is in a state of exhaustion, a person feels that he is broken head of restless thoughts, which he was not happy and wanted to stop now, but, unfortunately, can not.

Apathy everything – what to do?

The concept of apathy is often confused and mistakenly called depression. In fact apathy arises as a predictor or a consequence of depression. State apathy – a reluctance to do anything, with full knowledge that make it a must.
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When a person there is apathy towards life it is very difficult not to notice the others. There is complete inhibition of mental and physical activity – the patient does not want to think, do not feel emotions once again not rise from bed. Disappear interests, aspirations, goals. This limo Madison can be described famous quote “No one is not going anywhere.”
Complete apathy and fatigue that can occur after an illness (including banal colds), beriberi, after surgery, as well as mental illness. Continued apathy – a signal that it’s time to turn to a psychologist and examined.
Also apathy – is normal (but undesirable) thing when a person does not live in rhythm. Sleep, work, comprehensive all human resources, prolonged psychological stress (for example, if the work involves responsibility for the lives of many), and physical exhaustion. Complete apathy – it’s just a signal to the body that blatantly asks you to give a breath.

What shall I do?
It is clear that long in this state do not lend. Therefore, in case of apathy to everything, the question what to do – arises from any willful man who wants to take itself more in hand.
Big mistake is to pile on even work, more stress and knock “wedge-wedge”. In fact, such behavior will lead to depression.

Take at least a day off.

I must sleep.

All day do what you love only, and has no “world” use.

Tasty eat (no thoughts of excessive weight), take a bath with essential oils, go to the beauty salon or spa, buy a gift, which have long dreamed.
Apathy everything – what to do?
Make a plan for your dreams and a promise to gradually implement them.

When relax, think about what is wrong in your daily routine, make adjustments, as always out there.

Start taking vitamins.

If there was apathy because of aversion to work, “perehorelosty” complete loss of interest in this type of activity – will have to change jobs.

If you can, take a vacation for a global response, but not sick.

Hyperactivity syndrome

Hyperactivity term we used to apply exclusively to children – fidget worst student, bully, quitter and ham. Their families console themselves with the fact that this was the age varmint and they grow all by itself will take place. However, scientists discovered the terrible truth – hyperactivity syndrome moves from childhood into adulthood with 50% probability. That is, every other varmint-student grows in large varmint, always late, and nothing zab vayuscheho uspevayuscheho.
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In fact, hyperactivity syndrome in adults – a disease. Moreover, the disease mainly transmitted from generation to generation. While on the other hand, such oblychchyastist – is always a leader, creative people and enthusiasts. He was nothing to raise the legs all the staff and encourage a common good business. Incidentally, Einstein and Bill Gates in his childhood limo Madison also “shalopayamy.”
There is one downside to the motor hyperactivity syndrome – a rapid loss of interest in the case started. These people usually come all at once, with a horrible, enviable enthusiasm. However, at any point, hyperactive man comes up with the idea that perhaps it did not work, and he immediately goes to the new activity.
Hyperactive always late to work, forget about appointments and significant dates (oh and it’s hard to be the wife as “urchins”!), Forget, turned off the lights, water, gas, and, in general, shut the door.
As for the mood, it is in a man too hyperactive, constant jumps from depressive mood to emotional recovery, loss of interest in life and sudden outburst of enthusiasm. It is very difficult to follow and predict his next move.
The emotional component increases the risk of divorce in families with hyperactive people twice. As for work, then, naturally, they change it more often than others.
Since people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are taken all at once,
Hyperactivity syndrome did not fully prove and never make it in time, they have a reduced self-esteem. So people have a self-criticism, and all their faults they blame himself.

In addition, in patients with ADHD much more likely to have health problems, alcohol, random pregnancy accident. Therefore, treatment of hyperactivity syndrome should begin at the slightest doubt. You can try to understand themselves – rewound organizer, write, plan, draw graphics. However, you might as well forget can look into the organizer, forget the record or forget that recorded. It is best to turn to a psychologist who for some training can help you calm down. Also, often when such issues prescribed sedatives, turn to neurologists. You can also find more than a hobby for discharging active and strong emotional outbursts.

Hatred of the people

Hate as a very natural phenomenon, able to experience each as the surrounding world, to people and to self-confidence. And often it manifests itself, depending on how satisfied or not oblychchyastist his life, accomplishments, his limo Madison as a whole.
It is important to note that each of us in this sense is able to extract benefit, as odd as it may sound. It all depends on how skillfully you drive there was hatred. On this and other talk a little lower.
Reasons to hate people

The lack of love for people, psychologists explain how oblychchyastosti result of attempts to remove the obstacle in the form of the same hateful man who keeps you achieve the desired on your life path. Computer Repair in Madison Depending on factors “podlyvayuschyh oil to the fire,” this feeling grows, blocking humane of reason to ignore the annoying behavior you hated person.
Hatred towards people of a certain type may be based on old grievances. So, if ever a child someone you deeply wounded, leaving after years of painful scar in your inner world, in the present, faced with oblychchyastistyu associated in your mind with the ancient abuser, you are able to feel hatred.
Signs of hatred for man

When you see the object of his hatred unconsciously may feel towards him as follows:

feeling that all boiling inside, and a couple of seconds and you spill to face the hated object of all that think about it;



craving whatever it was way to humiliate him hurt. not break off option in extreme cases – death.

disgust, the desire to get rid of the hated environment;

contempt, desire to crush a man;

apathy, indifference towards oblychchyastosti – it’s the same feeling, but depressed.

Hatred of the people – a disease?
Hatred is always a comfortable place in the subconscious of man. If sooner or later do not house their own inner world, this feeling is able to destroy you. As a result, it leads to serious diseases. First of all, hatred leaves its mark on the health of your eyes and head, migraine, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, skin disease, epilepsy and it is not the whole list of diseases caused by it hateful feelings towards, as a person, and to the world at large.
A person who tests hatred of people seeking their own morality, decency pick over all. Importantly, the nature of his illness depends on what exactly this feeling is directed.
How to overcome the hatred of man?

By asking yourself the question “How to overcome hatred person?”, You have become the right path, because spoblychchya look out of self-destructive situation. Therefore, most main is to determine the cause of the very hatred. It makes no sense to leave the problem unsolved. It is important to devote a little
Hatred of the people on time consideration factors that are contributing to this negative feeling. It is advisable to write the answer on a piece of paper. It should return a couple of days. So you will be able to look through different eyes to the situation.
Help overcome hatred positive emotions, thoughts. Learn how to monitor what is going on in your head during the day.
Finally, remove the hatred immediate benefit. Do you not like a certain type of people? Then write down exactly what you they do not like and promise yourself that you will not be so oblychchyastistyu. This lesson can be regarded as a period of self-improvement, improve their skills, which is allegedly not in those who hated you so.

Bipolar mental disorder

Early was a popular term manic-depressive syndrome but now in clinical practice the disease received more accurate name – bipolar mental disorder. It is the sudden change in mood – from depression to mania greatness, and in between these ups and downs person may well feel fine.
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Depending on the phase of bipolar disorder symptoms can vary significantly. For example, the manic phase of bipolar disorder characterized by the following stages:

Hypomanyakalnaya stage: cheerfulness, good mood, rapid speech, a short sleep.

Stage severe mania: increase of symptoms, outbursts of anger, desire to joke and laugh, limo service in Madison, delusions of grandeur, inability to dialogue, sleep 4 hours a day.

Stage manic frenzy: Maximum severity of symptoms, sudden movements, it is transformed into a set of slogans.

Phase motor calming, language stimulation and reduced physical activity.

Reactive stage, symptoms return to normal.

Depressive phase differs radically from manic. In it, experts distinguish four stages:

The initial stage, mental depression, depressed mood, impaired sleep, attention, class.

Step increase depression, anxiety, decreased performance, motor retardation, insomnia.

Stage severe depression: the maximum degree of all symptoms, delusional thoughts, accusations of all the problems, hallucinations.

Reactive stage: a gradual reduction of symptoms.

Treatment of bipolar disorder must necessarily take place under the supervision of a psychiatrist. It will include medication, psychotherapeutic techniques.
Bipolar mental disorder: the disease
Bipolar mental disorder has many faces and is a sequence of depressive and manic phases, which can rotate. The order and duration for each individual patient. Typically, the first symptoms can be seen at the age of 20-30 years, but recorded and cases where the symptoms started to appear in old age.
The following variants of the disease:

circular type of course;

recurrent depression;

correctly-punctuated and correctly-punctuated type of course;

double form;

periodic mania.
Typically, the manic phase of bipolar disorder lasts 2-5 weeks and depressive – 6-12 months. So-called “light” periods in which a person feels fine, can last 1-7 years, and may be absent altogether.
Bipolar disorder: Causes

To date, the scientific community is not an ongoing debate about what causes bipolar mental disorder. Scientists have put forward the following hypothesis:
Bipolar mental disorder
heredity, genetic predisposition;

systematic or persistent sleep disorders;

stressful situation, the tendency to experience too much from it;

autoyntoksykatsiya (violation of water-electrolyte exchange);

drug or alcohol abuse.
However, scientific evidence and specifics regarding the causes of bipolar disorder oblychchyastosti not currently exist. However, most mental diseases arise and develop suddenly and unpredictably, and why most of them remain a mystery even today scientific progress.

Syndrome victims

Syndrome victim always has roots in childhood and often not understood by man. He quickly reconciled to the fact that he was unlucky in everything fired, betray friends, favorite cast. However, it is important to be able to face it, just acknowledging that you – the victim syndrome, you will be able to overcome.
Psychology syndrome computer repair madison

These people can be, and among women and men. At first glance, they are good, people are quite positive, but in reality they were not lucky: zvalyuyuchy colleagues they all work, friends and just do what they ask for “services”, the authorities did not appreciate the hard work. In addition, these people dull, try not to stand out from the crowd, speaking softly, easily yield in disputes restrained gesture, even if the conflict occurred not with them outside prefer to apologize.
People feel this inability to fend for themselves and are beginning to use it. Victim syndrome limo service in Madison in relationships with colleagues and friends, with your loved one.
The reasons usually lie in childhood: a “nedolyubleni children” who lacked parental attention that have always been the second man after the brother or sister who used that wealth gets them less than anyone. They see a child to his attitude as a second-class person because of what they are born beliefs: “I – a man of second grade, I am not worthy to be desired.” Whatever the belief, life will always give you a confirmation and, in this case the person refuses to unconsciously kind and sensitive people and turning surrounded by those willing to use it.
How to get rid of the victim syndrome?

To win Syndrome victims, need help therapist. But if you are seriously tired of this state of affairs, will gather in a fist and try to do the same:

Pay attention to their successes, write them in a notebook.

Pay attention to your positive traits and record them.

Every day, tell yourself: “I have a wonderful man, worthy of all good things, and my opinion should be considered.”

Do not do anything what you want – but help not borrowed.

Avoid negative thoughts about yourself, pay attention to what you do well.
Control your thinking 15-20 days, and it will enter the habit. Gradually you change the type of behavior, and you will never be a victim. This information is not enough to read, you need to practice every day. If you can not deal with it yourself. Consult your therapist.